On this page you will find some of the tunes I wrote.

Because folk has my major interest they are folky tunes meant to be played on bagpipe or fiddle and mandolin.

I have written them in Sibelius and to be able to get the sheet music on your screen, you will need Scorch.

Scorch is a free tool.

The bagpipe tunes are in a key for a G bagpipe, more specifically the Cornemuse du Centre, the bagpipe from Central France.

Myself I play the Musette Béchonnet, a bellows played bagpipe developed by Joseph Béchonnet in the second half of the 19th century.

It has three drones, all in G covering three octaves. The chanter covers one and a half octave and is almost chromatic. It is played with a half closed fingering.

Mine was built by Remy Dubois and Olle Geris.


The tunes:


Lament voor Istvan.


Le Cinquième Chaton, a bourréé à trois temps.


Maartse Polska


La Demoiselle, also known as La Demoiselle de Mol.


Nanni’s Lente, a polska-ish tune for Nanni, daughter of Olle and Anda


April Fool, not a bagpipe tune as it goes beyond its reach


Hugsjes & Liefsjes. A slip jig, also not suitable for the bagpipe. It is dedicated to my BBitWWW


Mag ik? A bourrée à deux temps.


Mag ik? (variation) A bourrée à deux temps with a change to 6/8.


Briesje A breezy Bagpipe tune in Mixolydian mode


The Zygote Reel For Godesse




San Geronimo went to Taos




Valse Petite Copine


Tango de Balas


El Sueño Soñado


Trop is teveel


Picnic in the Mizzentop


Bourrée op de Vennen